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What is BlastOff ?

A Brief Overview of the BlastOff Platform and Key Features

BlastOff is a revolutionary idle-yield-based launchpad and yield aggregator built on Blast.

The platform offers a unique combination of features that make it ideal for the Blast network. By combining Blast's native yield with YZone, our yield aggregator, we generate maximum yield for our users. In addition, YIDOs—the core function of our risk-averse, yield-based launchpad—act as a layer on top to generate even more returns via idle participation in funding new projects on Blast.

Blast is here to stay, and growth is inevitable. Contrary to most blockchains, Blast has a core infrastructure difference with built-in utility via native yield, opening up innovation to create a new subset of native yield-centric products.

BlastOff has been created to harness the power of Blast, opening up the Blast community to novel variants that generate even more yield through multiple avenues. We will focus on growing a massive community and tailoring our products to win the TVL competition.

The BlastOff team is composed of members responsible for the development and growth of the OG launchpads with the strategic help of multiple legacy players that will help drive our mission forward.

YPad Overview

BlastOff introduces a groundbreaking concept of zero-risk IDOs through YPad. Unlike traditional IDOs where users risk losing their investment if the project fails, BlastOff allocates a portion of the generated yield from staking ETH or stablecoins on the platform to support YIDOs. This ensures that users can participate in IDOs without the risk of losing their investment.

YIDOs are also the first idle-participation funding protocols that don't require the user to do anything other than stake and allocate a portion of their yield to YIDOs. Project tokens are automatically purchased and airdropped back to stakers.

YZone Overview

BlastOff's YZone automatically selects the best protocols for yield and auto-compound returns, eliminating manual intervention. This ensures that users can maximise their yield without the complexities of managing individual investments.

YZone exists to provide a higher Yield than Native Yield options on Blasts. It will also help create larger pools of funding for YIDOs.

$OFF Token

The $OFF token is key to empowering projects and users on the BlastOff platform. Users can increase their Blast Force via $OFF staking and YZone deposits. Blast Force unlocks many utilities, from larger YIDO allocations to lower fees and heavier drops from the $OFF treasury.

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