YIDO - Native Yield IDO

Native Yield IDOs: A game-changer for the funding space

Native Yield IDOs (YIDOs) are a revolutionary new type of initial decentralized offering (IDO) that combines the traditional concept of IDOs with the innovative concept of native yield. In a nutshell, Native Yield IDOs allow users to participate in IDOs without the risk of losing their investment. This is achieved by allocating a portion of the yield generated from staking ETH or stablecoins on the BlastOff platform to support YIDOs.

This fully automated system creates the first-ever idle IDO earning system. Set it up once and get tokens airdropped to you regularly.

How do Native Yield IDOs work?

Here's a simplified breakdown of how Native Yield IDOs work for regular users:

  1. Stake ETH or stablecoins: Users can stake their ETH or stablecoins on the BlastOff platform directly or through YZone, the platform's yield aggregator. Staking involves locking up your tokens for a specified period to earn yield.

  2. Allocate yield to YIDOs: A portion of the yield generated from staking is automatically allocated to support YIDOs launched on Blastoff. This means that users contribute a portion of their earnings to fund new crypto projects. Users decide what % of future yield they want to allocate towards YIDOs.

  3. Participate in YIDOs: When a YIDO is launched on Blastoff, a portion of the yield automatically gets used in the YIDO. Project tokens then get auto-airdropped during TGE.

  4. Zero-risk investment: The key advantage of Native Yield IDOs is that users are not at risk of losing their investment. Only a portion of future yield is dedicated towards the projects.

TL;DR YIDOs offer:

  • Zero-risk investment: Unlike traditional IDOs, where users risk losing their investment if the project fails, Native Yield IDOs offer a zero-risk approach.

  • Passive income generation: Users earn a yield on their staked ETH or stablecoins, even while participating in YIDOs. Forget about FCFS and IDO timing hassles.

  • Early access to promising projects: Users can invest in promising new crypto projects early on, potentially benefiting from significant price appreciation.

  • Diversified investment portfolio: Native Yield IDOs provide a way to diversify one's investment portfolio by participating in multiple YIDOs across different sectors of the crypto ecosystem.

YIDOs $OFF utility:

$OFF stakers will get benefits in the form of

  • higher allocations for automatic participation in YIDOs

  • separate pools for manual participation in YIDOs

  • lower fees on Blast Native Staking and YZone

Benefits are distributed based on your Blast Force score, which determines your Tier.

Learn more about Blast Force.

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