YZone - Yield Aggregator

What is YZone?

The BlastOff yield aggregator, YZone, focuses on executing strategies around yield opportunities within the Blast ecosystem, intending to provide a higher yield than the Blast Native Yield. Our mission is to provide a simple and secure way to earn on Blast. As such, we will work with our governance community to identify, research and create strategies and get approval to execute, implement, and deploy onto YZone.

Blast Yield Opportunities

We believe the Blast will become home to vast amounts of yield innovation and a catalyst for new systems following native rebasing tokens as a primitive.

"Blast is a chance to rethink Layer 2 infrastructure with yield-bearing assets treated as first-class citizens — a fresh rebuild. If ETH was a natively yielding rebasing token from the start, we think even basic building blocks (e.g. Uniswap pools) would have been designed differently. With Blast, that capital becomes efficient, earning almost an extra $100 million a year in interest based on current Uniswap TVL. The bridge becomes the event horizon; upon crossing, idle ETH and stables transform into natively yielding versions. Wallets become savings accounts, and dApp TVL brings revenue. Users can now directly and natively capture yield from their holdings instead of having to take an opt-in action. We are big believers in the power of defaults." (c) StandardCrypto

Most opportunities should fall in the following categories.

  • Zero-risk - Native yield rebasing provided by Blast, likely to be followed by Blur and potentially Blast staking.

  • Low-risk ETH blue-chip projects like Aave, MakerDAO, Uniswap, Yearn, and more are moving to Blast. Their infrastructure will also generate yield opportunities.

  • Mid-high risk - New protocols and projects are coming out on Blast. These will likely have the highest yield potential but hold the most risk.

Our thesis for YZone is to deploy multiple yield-generating vaults centred around different risk profiles. Initially, the larger focus will be on zero- and low-risk opportunities.

$OFF Utility

Users with a high Blast Force score will get a boosted yield and decreased fees.


YZone is on a mission to become one of the core places for yield generation on Blast. Providing multiple vaults of different levels of risk.

  • Effortless Yield Optimization: YZone simplifies the yield optimisation process, eliminating the need for users to spend time researching and managing individual protocols.

  • Enhanced Yield Generation: YZone's intelligent selection of protocols ensures that users consistently earn the highest possible yield, maximising their returns on their crypto assets.

  • Reduced Risks: YZone carefully evaluates the security and reputation of each protocol it aggregates, minimising the risk of exposure to scams or unreliable platforms.

  • Diversified Yield Portfolio: YZone's aggregation of multiple protocols allows users to diversify their yield-generating strategies, reducing the overall risk of relying on a single protocol.

  • Transparent Yield Tracking: YZone provides users with a clear and transparent overview of their yield performance, allowing them to track their earnings and make informed investment decisions.

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