Utility and Treasury


$OFF is the native utility token of the BlastOff product ecosystem.

Initially launched on Ethereum, it will later be bridged over to Blast. For the purpose of a future bridge, the token will be created using the Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) LayerZero standard.


$OFF utilities were created to share value to the most active and loyal participants of the BlastOff ecosystem. To receive the benefits of $OFF utility, users must stake them, enabling their Blast Force Score.

  1. YIDOs - Higher allocation, ability to manually participate in YIDOs

  2. Native Blast Staking - Lower fees

  3. YZone - Higher yield and lower fees

  4. Governance - Vote on curating the YZone Vaults and the YIDO deal flow.

  5. Community Incentives - Active participation will be rewarded via $OFF

  6. Treasury Revenue Share - Treasury growth accumulation will be shared, with distribution geared towards users with higher Blast Force scores.


Available here.


Treasury will be used to provide constant additional revenue to the $OFF stakers.

During the IDO, 10% of the funds raised will go towards the Genesis Treasury. Genesis Treasury fund will be staked towards the Blast Network.

After the $OFF IDO, the Treasury will capture:

  1. Native Rebasing Yield

  2. 30% of YIDO Fees

  3. 50% of YZone Fees

  4. 100% of all future Airdrops.

Every Quarter, 30% of Treasury growth, meaning the delta between Treasury's Total Asset Value at the beginning of the Quarter to the end of it, will be airdropped to the top 10% of users with the highest Blast Force score.

In the case of Treasury dissolution or partial liquidation. 50% of all Treasury value will be distributed towards the top 50% of all $OFF Stakers.

$OFF tokens within the Treasury will be subject to a different rule set. They will not be counted as value in Total Asset Value calculations, and the available $OFF tokens will be burned in the case of dissolution or partial liquidation.

Outreach for Strategic Investors

If you believe you could add strategic value to Blastoff, send an email to team@blastoff.zone

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